Animal Trackers Review – Month 1

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As I mentioned in my last post, this year each child was signed up for a subscription service for their birthday.  L has a love for all things outdoors, including animals, so a natural choice for him was the Animal Trackers Club.

Animal Trackers Review - lemon blvd

Subscriptions currently start at $36.00 plus $9.00 shipping for three months ($15/month) and are $135.00 plus $36.00 shipping for twelve months ($14.25/month).  This is a bit less than the Kiwi Crate Subscription M received.

The first month for the subscription included a metal lunchbox container, with all of the activities inside. This box is meant to store activities from the first month, as well as items from future months.  The lunchbox was a big hit, and I suspect he will enjoy having it to put new things in each month.

Animal Trackers Lunchbox - lemon blvdAnimal Trackers Lunchbox Contents - lemon blvd

The first month included an introduction letter, and an information card about the African Savannah.  All three of my kids love to talk about what animals live on each continent, so this was a nice way to help them think high-level about the different ecosystems, and a bit more focused on the Savannah.

The kit also included a set of animal cards, with instructions on different activities you could do with the cards including a memory game.  There was also a craft: two landscape cards and foam animal stickers, to recreate a scene from the African Savannah.  This was clearly the favorite from the first month, as you can see the kids could not even wait for me to get a photo before making their pictures!

Animal Trackers Contents - lemon blvd

We also received a metal ring, used to store photo cards from future months.  I do wish the first month included a photo, as the kids had a hard time grasping the concept of what it would be used for.

While the Animal Trackers subscription is a bit cheaper than Kiwi Crate, the first month seemed to have less to keep the kids occupied.  We will see if this holds true with future months as well.

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