Animal Trackers Review – Month 2

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Animal Trackers Review - Month 2 - lemon blvd

L received his second Animal Trackers package recently, and I must say for my kids, it was better than the first month!

Animal Trackers is a monthly subscription service for children ages three and older, who naturally have an affinity for animals.  Subscriptions currently start at $36.00 plus $9.00 shipping for three months ($15/month) and are $135.00 plus $36.00 shipping for twelve months ($14.25/month).

The first month included a metal lunchbox container which is meant to store items received each month.

Animal Trackers Lunchbox - lemon blvd

Before opening the items from the second month, we took an opportunity to go over the things we learned the first month.  I was glad we did this, as month two is all about zebras and it easily tied into the African Savannah theme from month one.

Animal Trackers contents - lemon blvd

We started by reading the zebra facts, and then L was able to place the Zebra magnet onto his lunch box.  We also added the zebra animal card to the ring received in the first month.

Animal Trackers Zebra Magnet - lemon blvd

Animal Trackers - Zebra Card - lemon blvd

Looking at the items right out of the box, their attention was immediately drawn to the zebra mask.  They did a good job taking turns wearing the mask as we completed the other activities.

Animal Trackers - Zebra Mask - lemon blvd.png

The kit came with one activity page.  I think L had the ability to do this on his own, but with all the other kids sitting next to us he didn’t have much of an opportunity to give the correct answer without J chiming in first.  Next month I think I will make copies of the activity sheet so they can each do their own.

The second month also came with a craft to complete, using Magic Nuudles.  I had never seen these before, but they were quite amazing!  You simply dampen one side of the nuudle and it will stick to the page.  The kids were able to just set the nuudle briefly on a wet paper towel, and that was more than enough water to get the nuudles to stick.

Animal Trackers - Magic Nuudles - lemon blvd

There were two zebra pages, and while I wonder if this was an error, we had more than enough nuudles to complete both pages.  The object was to match black and white noodles to the correct stripe on the zebra.  The kids enjoyed squishing some of the nuudles as well, and did this to fill in the smaller spaces.

Animal Trackers - Zebra craft - lemon blvd

L also received a small zebra figurine, pictured at the bottom right below, near the zebra magnet.  We have a ton of animal figures, including a recently acquired small zebra from an Animal Planet Tube. This zebra was just slightly larger than the one we purchased, and the kids ended up playing with them both as a mother and baby zebra!

Animal Trackers Zebras - lemon blvd

I preferred this month’s kit to the first simply because the kids spent a bit more time on the activities they received.  We all look forward to seeing what comes next month!

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