Captain J’s Lego Pirate Party

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Lego Pirate Header

After having completed a successful Art Party the month prior, I was on to the next!  Somehow J decided to combine his love for Lego’s and pirates into one party.  It was a struggle creating an inspiration board, as most people tend to pick one or the other, but after spending a bit of time I came up with some good ways to mix the two.

As guests arrived, they had an opportunity to either free-build with Lego’s, or color their own Lego man.  It was nice to have a mix of activities for the kids to choose from, and the coloring gave the younger siblings a chance to break away somewhere quiet for a few minutes.

Lego Pirate Legos

Lego Coloring


Once everyone arrived we served lunch: Shipwreck Subs, Pirate’s Booty, and pre-cut fruit.  We also had a few pirate themed desserts including chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate Lego minifigures using the green mold from a silicone set.

Lego Pirate Dessert

Lego Pirate Chocolates


We finished up with cupcakes, each topped with a Lego Pirate minifigure for the child to take home as a favor.  The toys kept the kids who finished early occupied while we waited for the others. Once everyone was done we started with our treasure hunt!

Lego Pirate Map

We had two different maps to divide the group in half.  I took one group, and my husband C took the other.  I ensured the activities were spaced apart so we did not end up with any long lines.  C had to make a lot of things for this party, and my group started with the first: the Lego-styled punch box.  Inside was an eye patch for each child.  Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the process, but there is a great tutorial of how to do it here.

Lego Pirate Punch Box

Next on our map was to walk the plank.  No photos, I sincerely apologize, but it looked a lot like this one.  I actually prepared to take more photos of this party, but the morning we woke up it decided to rain so we spent some time shuffling things around instead.  After the kids successfully made it across they were able to pick out a sword.

Next they had to pop a “cannon ball” or black balloon.  I pre-filled each balloon with a pirate tattoo.  Unfortunately I have no photos of the cannon balls either, but you can see them in the background of the Lego activity table photo earlier in the post, hiding in a red bucket.  This activity actually took a fair amount of time for the kids to both get their balloon popped and apply the tattoo.

We moved on to an activity of toss the rings.  I had seen a lot of examples of people using pirate hooks, and stumbled across one with swords instead.  C and I agreed not only did swords look easier, but it would save money as we already had the swords.  I was out of town the week before the party so C built this with no supervision.  Despite having a dozen swords in our house, the ring toss ended up with two swords and a light saber!  After they finished their turn they were able to get a mustache, which was surprisingly difficult to get the backing off to apply.

Lego Pirate Sword Toss


We had two more activities that I failed to get photos of.  The first was digging for treasure, where we had small buckets filled with sand and earrings hiding inside.  Last was a Lego spoon race.  Due to space limitations inside, each child went one at a time as quickly as they could without dropping the Lego.  Once they crossed the finish line, they earned their bandana!

At this point they were all decked out and looked like true pirates, and it was time to find their treasure!  I painted on yellow favor bags, and found an inexpensive treasure box to store ring pops, candy necklaces, and gold chocolate coins.

Lego Pirate Treasure

We had a group activity next – pin the eye patch on the Lego pirate!  I printed eye patches on shipping label paper (which was cheaper than sticker paper), and the three kids who got closest to the eye won a prize.

Lego Pirate Eye Patch

J recently went to a friend’s party and was really hoping for his own pinata.  I told him it would be difficult to find a Lego pirate pinata, but Etsy saved the day!

Lego Pirate Pinata

At this point we were running out of time so we moved on to presents.  When planning the party I was afraid I didn’t have enough to fill the time, but the treasure hunt took much longer than expected.  We never made it to the Lego building challenge to see who could build the tallest tower, and I didn’t need my “just in case” activity of finding the hidden Lego pirates (did you see one hiding by the treasure, and one laying flat on the shelf behind the pinata?)

While everyone had gathered plenty of goodies throughout the party, I also prepared favor bags filled with mini coloring pages and Lego mini-figure crayons.  I made the crayons using the blue mold from the same silicone mold set I mentioned earlier.  All three of my kids were happy to have extra favors to play with later!

Lego Pirate Favor Table

Lego Pirate Favors



Below are links to a few of the products I used for the party.  In the spirit of full disclosure, some of the links are affiliate links through Amazon.  If you decide to make a purchase through my link, Amazon may pay me a commission for it, though it does not cost you anything additional.

Silicone Lego Molds
Pirate Tattoos
Treasure Box
Yellow Favor Bags

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  1. Love this party idea! Is the Lego pirate guy something you made/created or purchased?

    • Thanks! At the time we had the party there was nothing readily available for purchase, so all of the items had to be made. The pinata was purchased through Etsy, and the remaining items I put together myself, with inspiration from other parties.

  2. Do you by any chance have an etsy shop? I would love to find the lego pirate coloring page and the lego image you used for the treat bags. Thanks!

    • I do have an etsy page here, however it does not currently include any Lego-inspired items. The coloring pages were found using an image search for “Lego coloring pages”. For the treat bags I used a coloring page as the template for the face and bandana, and then free-handed the eye patches.

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