Favorite Books: Baby’s First Library

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30 Books for Baby's First Library

Baby’s First Library (0-12 months)

In this age group you want to focus on books with simple text, bright colors or textures, and of course books made from a sturdy material, to endure teething or rough play.  Short books are a good choice; if you have a wriggly little one you can engage them in shorter reading sessions, but if they are enjoying the moment you can simply read more than one!

The images of the books below link to Amazon.  These are affiliate links, which means if you decide to make a purchase through my link, Amazon may pay me a commission for it. This does not cost you anything additional.

These books are all about introducing your baby to new words and basic concepts.  While you will undoubtedly talk with your little one throughout the day about these things, the books give you another way to introduce your child to the words.

There is such a thing as pictures which are too busy.  A page with several colors and objects can be overwhelming, but simple high-contrast images can actually hold your new baby’s attention. There is a nice article on visual stimulation by Dr. Sears which discusses  contrasting colors.

What child doesn’t like animals?  Of course any animal book is an obvious choice. These were some of our favorites for their rhymes, or additional features such as lift-the-flap.

Another way to stimulate your baby’s senses is through the use of texture.  There are many different types of books available, including cloth books, touch and feel, or finger puppet books. We owned at least a half-dozen books from the In My… series, and there are many other options in the Baby Touch and Feel series including animals, seasons, dinosaurs, and transportation.

Nursery Rhymes
Really any nursery rhyme books will work, but this was a nice set for our home which included many well-known classics, along with others we were less familiar with.

At this age we read 2-3 short books before bed each night, and eventually worked to include at least one book that was all about going to sleep.  These were a few of our favorites.


Sitting in a chair and reading to your little one can be one of the best parts of your day, and I still look back on those memories quite fondly.  What better way to embrace the moment than to read to your baby about how much you love him or her.

I know there are many more books we enjoyed reading at this age.  What are some of your favorites?

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