Favorite Books: Toddlers

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Favorite Books: Toddlers (2-3 Years Old)

This is a difficult age, as some children are ready for longer and more complicated story lines, while others still prefer the shorter stories from years past.  I saw this difference even within my own children.   If you have not already, you might start venturing beyond board books and including paper pages in your collection.

Amazon usually offers a “Look inside” the book so you can read the first couple of pages, and decide whether you think your child is ready or not.  Another great option is to visit your local library to preview a story before purchasing your own copy.

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The books below are not all about animals, but close!  The list includes a mix of land animals, dinosaurs, and water life.


Just For Fun
A few of our favorite books, which simply do not fit into any other category, some of which induce giggles from your little one for their silliness, including a pea who hates eating candy!

It never hurts to remind your child the depths of a parent’s love.


Having a few books dedicated to going to sleep are never a bad idea.  It helps set the tone for your toddler as you prepare for bedtime.

Bear Snores On


What are your favorite books for this age?

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