Favorite Children’s Books

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Favorite Children’s Books

Incorporating reading into our children’s bedtime routine has always been a priority. I truly believe reading not only helps calm a child and prepare them for sleep, but that it also builds a foundation for them to learn to read, and encourages a love of books in general.


Reading every night – often a few times during the day as well! – means as the parent, I am consistently tired of read the same books. Every. Single. Night. Over the years, I have found many favorite books and authors which helped to make our reading sessions enjoyable, even if my kids did pick the same few books every day for weeks on end.


In upcoming posts, I will provide my family’s recommended reading lists for different age groups. Keep in mind you can pick a book from any list, regardless of the age of your child.   Some babies and toddlers might enjoy longer stories, whereas preschoolers will often enjoy the simple rhymes found in board books for their younger siblings. I encourage you to look at all of the lists as you might find a special book that clicks for your individual child. When in doubt, check out your local library to preview a book before investing in a copy of your own.


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