Koala Crate Review – Music

Koala Crate Review - music - lemon blvd

It has been awhile since M received two Kiwi Crate boxes for her birthday.  After we had an opportunity to try them out, we decided it was worth the cost to sign up for the subscription.

Kiwi Crate subscriptions currently start at $60.00 for 3 months ($20.00/month) and go up to $205.00 for 12 months ($17.09/month).  In lieu of a subscription, they also allow you to purchase single crates, at an individual price of $19.95 plus shipping.

When I went to the site, they had a coupon code which actually made it more economical to purchase individual boxes, so we went that route.  While I had one or two Kiwi Crates in the mix, we ended up selecting some from the Koala Crate section as well.

The cost for a subscription to Koala Crate is the same as Kiwi Crate, however the boxes are targeted for the 3-4 year old age group.  When our six boxes I arrived, I quickly put them in a closet so I could pull just one out a time, and mimic the subscription service.


The first box we pulled out was music.

Koala Crate Box - lemon blvd Koala Crate Review - music box - lemon blvd


It came with a small “imagine” book which included stories, activities, and picture search pages.

Koala Crate Review - imagine book - lemon blvd


There were three small activities in this box, and instructions for all three were in a single booklet.  Each activity had a gauge for the messiness factor, and parental involvement.

Koala Crate Review - music - instructions Koala Crate Review - music - messiness and parental involvement guide - lemon blvd


We started with the dancing silk.  The kids always enjoy kitchen activities, and mixing the Kool-Aid “dye” was no exception.  We checked on the silk scarf a few times as it say, so the kids could better see the process of dying the silk.  As we waited for the silk to change color and then dry, we did the other activities.

Koala Crate Review - music - dancing silk supplies - lemon blvd Koala Crate Review - music - dancing silk - lemon blvd


Next on the list was the singing trumpet.  Each kid placed a few stickers on the cardboard tube, and then we tested it out with different numbers of holes in the tissue paper to see how the sound changed.

Koala Crate Review - music - trumpet supplies - lemon blvd Koala Crate - music - trumpet - lemon blvd


The last activity was the rhythm game.  All of the kids had fun playing with the guiro, and I must say it was a high-quality musical instrument which will certainly be kept in our collection!  J was the only one who wanted to try all f the different rhythm patterns.

Koala Crate Review - music - guiro supplies Koala Crate Review - music - rhythm game - lemon blvd


This was a wonderful crate for my kids, and I continue to be impressed by the quality of the product.

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