Little Passports Review – Month 1

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Little Passports Review


Before having kids, C and I traveled internationally a bit.  We still try to take a vacation each year with the kids, but we have not ventured anywhere they need passports.  Despite this, we have tried to ensure they understand there is a great big world out there, and are working to instill a passion for travel.


Somehow, J became attached to Australia.  I am not sure how it started, but he is convinced we all need to take a vacation there.  C and I have never been, but his grandparents have, so perhaps we told him that once and it stuck.  Regardless I am glad he likes to talk about other places we can visit, and what there is to see.


When I came across the Little Passports subscription, I knew we had to pick it.  Perhaps I was being a bit selfish as it is a topic I want the kids to learn about, but I knew of all three kids J would appreciate this one the most.


Subscriptions currently start at $38.85 plus $3.00 shipping for three months ($13.95/month) and are $43.40 plus $30.00 shipping for twelve months ($14.45/month).  This is a bit less than the Kiwi Crate Subscription M received.


The first month comes shipped in a box, with travel stamps on the outside.  When you open the box you find a “suitcase” for your child to use to store items received this month and in future months.

Little Passports Box

Little Passports Suitcase

Your child will receive a welcome card, as well as an introductory letter from Sam and Sofia, the characters who will take your child on a journey across the world.  There is also a postcard, luggage tag, and a passport to hold stamps from upcoming months.

Little Passports Suitcase Contents

I was impressed with the large wall map that came this month as well.  While we have a globe, the map is simply an easier way for a child to see where all of the countries are at once.  It is nice enough that you could leave it hanging on the wall as well.

Little Passports Map

Finally, this month included a small activity book.  J learned about where different animals live, as well as how to say hello in 5 different languages.  Since this lesson, he has practiced saying them several times.  He was already learning Spanish through school, but seems fascinated by Chinese now as well.  I found a free app that allows him to practice calligraphy and will pronounce the words in Chinese as well, which has been a great way to extent the first month’s lessons.

Little Passports Contents

Similar to the Animal Tracker’s subscription review, this subscription box does not seem to fill as much time as Kiwi Crate.  However, I am excited to see what comes in future months when the box includes items specific to a single country.  I think J will also enjoy the “souvenir” that comes in future month’s kits as well.

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