Little Passports Review – Month 2

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Little Passports Review - Month 2 - lemon blvd

I was quite excited when J’s second month of Little Passports arrived.  As you might recall from my prior post, Little Passports is a subscription service for children, which introduces a new country each month.

Subscriptions currently start at $38.85 plus $3.00 shipping for three months ($13.95/month) and are $43.40 plus $30.00 shipping for twelve months ($14.45/month).

The first month did not introduce us to a country, but came with a small suitcase, passport, and map to get J ready for his adventures.

The second month arrived in a padded envelope with a Brazil stamp on the outside.  Of course, everything inside was about Brazil!  J received a letter from Sam and Sofia, the character who share the stories from their travels.  The letter introduced us to the red uakari monkey, of which we also received a photo card.

Little Passports Review - Month 2 Contents - lemon blvd

The letter went on to discuss the amethyst stone mined in Brazil, which was also the souvenir received for month 2.  We have quite the rock collection already started in our house, and both J and L were excited to add a new one.

Little Passports Review - Amethyst - lemon blvdLittle Passports Review - Amethyst and Suitcase - lemon blvd

The second month also included a luggage sticker which we attached to the outside of the suitcase, a Brazil sticker meant to be the first passport “stamp” and a push pin sticker to label the map with our first visit.

Little Passports Review - Suitcase with Luggage Sticker - lemon blvd Little Passports Review - Passport Book with Brazil Stamp - lemon blvd Little Passports Review - Brazil - lemon blvd

We moved on to the activity book, which included a word scramble to identify the bordering countries.  Inside was a recipe for brigadeiros, which is a chocolate dessert made primarily with condensed milk and cocoa powder.

Brigadeiro 1 - lemon blvd

To make the brigadeiros, you first combine the ingredients in a pan and allow to thicken.  You then refrigerate it to make it less sticky and easier to handle, then roll them in chocolate sprinkles.  I must say, these were quite simple and absolutely delicious!  I have no doubt we will make these again.

Little Passports Review - Brigadeiros Step 1 - lemon blvd Little Passports Review - Brigadeiros Step 2 - lemon blvd Brigadeiros 2 - lemon blvd

Overall, I feel month two was a success.  I believe we only spent 30 minutes on the lessons and activity book, but the ability to learn specific details about a country and the treats to tie it together were a big hit with the kids.

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