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Last week I introduced the first page of our quiet book, the pirate page.   The next page in our book is all about camping.

Camping Quiet Book Page - lemon blvd

This page is a combination of many others I found.  The main focus of the page is a tent.  The tent allows your child to practice using a zip, and has an added element of texture with the mesh netting for the windows.

Quiet Book Tent - lemon blvd

There are many tent pages to look at online, but I found a similar one with this specific shape, which I felt allowed the most space to put something inside, and found this one which also includes the mesh windows.

Once unzipped, you will find a small sleeping bag and boy who can come out to play!  I found inspiration for this part of the page here.  I wish I would have spent more time looking into how to make the camping boy durable, as his legs are quite fragile and have stretched over time.

Quiet Book Open Tent - lemon blvd

Two of the trees in the background have a lift-up flap that reveal hidden animals.  On the left is a small bird inside a nest, and on the right an owl.  The idea for this came from a forest page on this blog.

Quiet Book Camping - lemon blvdQuiet Book Bird - lemon blvdQuiet Book Owl - lemon blvd

The page also includes a campfire.  I have seen other pages that include sticks and marshmallows for pretend roasting, which I could easily add at a later date.

Quiet Book Camp Fire - lemon blvd


I was quite happy with how well the details in this page turned out.  Overall, the kids do not play with this page nearly as much as some of the others, but they also do not play much with dolls or action figures in general.   Perhaps they will enjoy this page a bit more when they get to that point.

The skills for this page include zipping and unzipping, and lifting a flap for the trees.  Due to the small size, it takes some effort for the kids to get the boy to lay back in the sleeping bag.  It also has an element for pretend play with the camping layout

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