My Quiet Book – Fish Shapes

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We have two fish-themed pages in our quiet book.  The first shapes page is the one I consider to be the most “educational” in our book.   While I did not consider this to be a fun page, the kids usually do it a few times each when we pull out the quiet book.


Each fish on this page is a different color.  The shape for each fish snaps and un-snaps from the page.  When the shape is removed, you can see an outline for the shape to assist with matching.


Fish Quiet Book Page - learn shapes, colors, and snaps - lemon blvd Fish Quiet Book Page - shapes and colors - lemon blvd Fish Quiet Book page - snaps for shapes - lemon blvd


Below you can see the detail within a fish, which includes a bead for the eye and stitching for a smile and fin.  There is also coral along the bottom,  some of which have knots and the others beads.

Fish Quiet Book Page - detail of fish shape - lemon blvd Fish Quiet Book Page - close up picture of coral detail


I found the idea for the page here, and I feel it is more fun than the usual shapes and colors pages, which tend to be rather plain.  I was impressed with the details for these fish but did not think they were suitable for learning specific colors, so I used the coral on our page instead.


This skills for this page include matching colors, identifying shapes, and learning how to use snap buttons.

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