My Quiet Book – Magnetic Fishing

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Our second fish-themed quiet book page is all about fishing!  The kids have a blast with this page, and it was quite simple to make.

Fishing Quiet Book Page - magnets inside the fish - lemon blvd

I used a bamboo skewer to create the fishing pole, and used super glue to connect the fishing line and magnet.  The pole used to be longer, but it eventually broke during some rough play one afternoon.  Each of the fish have a magnet sewn inside to allow the kids to go fishing with the pole.

Fishing with magnets - quiet book page - lemon blvd

There are many fishing themed pages to look at for inspiration, and I pulled from several.  I mimicked our boat off of one found here, but I left a small section in the front of the boat open to hold the fishing pole when not in use.

There is a nice template for the fish and waves here, and it also is one of the many places I saw the idea of using a wave as a pocket to store the fish.  My waves were done freehand, and I think it shows!  I also added stitching along the bottom to prevent the fish from falling too far down.

Magnetic Fishing - Quiet Book Page - lemon blvd

I wish I had put a bit more detail into this page.  I think it would be easy to up the wow factor with the fish themselves.

This pages helps to develop fine motor skills, as your child looks to connect the magnet from the fishing pole to a fish.

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