My Quiet Book – Picnic Page

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In a previous post I showed pictures of the camping page in our quiet book.  Anytime we go camping or hiking, we like to have a picnic, so of course we including a picnic page in our book!

Picnic Quiet Book Page - lemon blvd


The kids have always enjoyed playing eeBoo’s The Picnic Game, so it made sense to include a picnic theme in the quiet book.  I actually used their favorite foods from this game as a template.

Quiet Book Picnic Food - lemon blvd Quiet Book - felt hot dog picnic food - lemon blvd


Everything tucks inside of the picnic basked when not in use.

Picnic Quiet Book Page - food tucks into the basket for storage - lemon blvd


This page primarily encourages imaginative play, however it does allow the kids to practice taking things out and putting them back into a pouch.

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