My Quiet Book – Sandcastle

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Another popular quiet book page is all about the beach: building a sandcastle!  I found a great free pattern here.  Because I wanted a quiet book with many different activities, but not too bulky, I reduced the pattern to have everything fit on one page.

Sandcastle Quiet Book Page - includes castle and bucket for storage - lemon blvd

As I was looking at similar pages, I stumbled across this one.  The door of the castle flaps down to reveal a sewn on crab.  It was so adorable, and added a touch of whimsy to the page.

Sandcastle Quiet Book Page - lemon blvd Sandcastle Quiet Book Page - door flaps down to reveal a crab - lemon blvd

When we are done playing, all of the pieces tuck into the sand bucket.  Note the decorative seashells at the bottom of the page, which add just a bit more to the page.

Beach Quiet Book Page - sandcastle in a bucket - lemon blvd seashells - lemon blvd


This page primarily encourages imaginative play, however it does allow the kids to practice taking things out and putting them back into the bucket, and includes a flap that lifts down.  There is also texture on the crab and seashells.

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