My Quiet Book – Treasure Chest and Map

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When I set out to create my own quiet book, I consistently looked for pages my kids would find fun , but would also help them build skills at the same time.  Perhaps it is obvious, but the pages with more to do hold their attention longer, and thus were a better investment of my time.

One of my kids favorite pages in our quiet book is the pirate page.  On this page, we have both a treasure chest and treasure map.

Treasure Chest Quiet Book - lemon blvd

I found a free template at Imagine Our Life, and this was immensely helpful in getting me started on quiet books.  Because I did not want to dedicate two pages to this theme, I simply scaled down the size of the template to fit onto one page.

Treasure Chest and Map Quiet Book - lemon blvd

For the treasure chest, I used an old luggage lock.  The treasure inside consists of bracelets and rings made with pipe cleaners.

Quiet Book Treasure Chest - lemon blvd

The map ties shut with a red ribbon, and opens to reveal a secret pocket with the key to the treasure chest lock.  The key is tied to a string which is sewn into the pocket, to ensure it does not get lost.  I found the idea for the pocket in this blog.

Quiet Book Treasure Map - lemon blvd

The page also includes a pirate flag.

Quiet Book Pirate Flag - lemon blvd

This page includes many skills, including using a key to open a lock, tying a ribbon, opening and closing a treasure chest, and flapping the flag.  It also has an element for pretend play with the jewelry.  You could easily add extra play coins or jewels to the treasure chest.

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