My Quiet Book – Winter Fun

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The last page of our quiet book is all about winter fun.  It includes two main elements of play: building a snowman and a sledding penguin.

Winter Fun Quiet Book Page - lemon blvd


The snowman pieces tuck away into a pocket in the hill, and when you are ready to build each section of the snowman will attach to the page with velcro.  The kids can then choose from different hats and accessories.  I found an excellent pattern here which included many of the pieces.

Snowman Quiet Book Page Snowgirl quiet book page - lemon blvd Snowman quiet book page - different pieces for dress up - lemon blvd


The penguin slides up and down the hill on a ribbon.  I am not certain where I found the penguin, though it is possible it is not from a quiet book, but I might have found a drawing somewhere that I used for inspiration.  There is a nice tutorial here of how to put together a felt item that moves on ribbon.  You can also see in the picture below, the detail added with the snowflakes using sequins and beads.

Penguin Sled - sledding winter quiet book page - lemon blvd


This page builds a few different skills, including using velcro, sliding an item along a ribbon, and putting things into and taking them out of a pouch.  It also encourages imaginative play.

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