North Pole Breakfast

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North Pole Breakfast - lemon blvd


Each year after Thanksgiving, Santa sends three elves to our house.  While they cause a bit of chaos leading up to Christmas, on their first night they get right to work making our home magical.  They start by putting up our Christmas tree.  We know they are here when we walk down for breakfast and see the lights on.  Some years they bring a present like a Christmas book or seasonal toy, but they always bring the kids their Christmas pajamas.

One of my favorite parts of having elves in the house, is that they make breakfast for the family the first morning.  We have had a North Pole breakfast for three years already, and were excited to do it again.   You can find a ton of seasonal breakfast ideas with a quick Pinterest search, or by looking on the websites for either of the respective elves, but below you can see a couple of the breakfasts our elves have served.

North Pole Breakfast Milk - lemon blvd

North Pole Breakfast Pancakes - lemon blvd


To help make your holiday breakfast extra magical, you can download a free copy of our North Pole Breakfast Printables!  The printables includes a breakfast sign, letter from Santa, templates for your child to write their own letter to Santa, food labels and more.

North Pole Breakfast Printables - lemon blvd

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